- The Sweet wins international design award

European Property Awards

International design award to «The Sweet»

The International Property Awards is the largest and most recognised international competition within real estate development, architecture and design. Nominated projects are judged by a panel of more than 80 industry experts.

Fablab Design have, in close collaboration with the Cultural Heritage Management of Oslo (Byantikvaren), been responsible for the interior design and renovation of Josefines gate 30. This project has won the «hotel interior» category at the prestigious European Property Awards.

On the 11th of December 2020 our beautiful apartment hotel was awarded the highest recognition — «5 star award» — in the European Property Awards!!

5 stars to «The Sweet»

Josefines gate 30 is now nominated as one of the four best projects in Europe that all advance to the global finals in the prestigious The International Property Awards i 2021. There we will be competing for the one (!!) European place in the world final. Congratualtions to Fablab Design and the amazing job they have done with «The Sweet»👏🏻🥂🍾!



The interior of The Sweet apartment hotel is designed by Siv Amundsen-Lack at Fablab Design, who last year won «Best Office Interior Europe 2019» in the same competition.

- The biggest challenge in this project was to realise a modern hotel with all its contemporary comfort and functionality, whilst also protecting and integrating the historical features of the building. Of course we also had to meet all relevant building construction standards. Finding this balance required detailed historical research, into the building and its neighbourhood, as well as reconstructing colour palettes and painting techniques and materials" says the designer.

Sample tests were performed to pinpoint the correct colour palette of 100 years ago, and to ensure that all detailing was historically accurate.

"Fablab Design adapted new furnishings and decor to blend with the buildings history, and we have designed all the beds, bathrooms, cabinets and kitchens ourselves to create the unique interior", Siv tells us.


The International Property Awards began in 1993, and the expert jury makes awards on the basis of:

  • unique design
  • quality
  • service
  • innovation
  • originality
  • sustainability

The building´s historical legacy and the sensitive approach to interior renovation was an important reason why the jury have chosen The Sweet as an awards winner.


The history

The history of the building starts in 1916, with Dr. Einar Fredrik Lindboe, and his venerable, private maternity clinic. Throughout the years, the property has been through a long and varied life.


The building has gone from being Oslo's most fashionable private women's clinic, via Oslo Municipal Women's Clinic (OKK) to a psychiatric polyclinic - until Saja Eiendom initiated rehabilitation the summer of 2015.


Why «The Sweet»?

The beautiful building in Josefines gate 30 is now totally renovated and brought back to its original greatness, in the form of The Sweet apartment hotell, with 53 new, fully serviced apartments.

The name «The Sweet» is chosen to honor the children that were born here.


The work with recreating this protected, magnificent building from 1916 has taken more then 3 years and the owner SAJA Eiendom, the project management and the Cultural Heritage Management of Oslo have met every second week.

The project has been described as: "...a seldom interaction between the builder, architect, interior architect, consultants, executive and the Cultural Heritage Management."


FACTS - The European Property Awards:

  • The jury is led by Lord Caithness, Lord Best og Lord Waverley - all members of "The House of Lords" at the parliament of Great Britian.
  • The European Property Awards is the largest and most prestigious
    award in the industry.
  • Official website: propertyawards

  • The 11th of December, The European Property Award will announce who qualifies for the international final.
  • The award has existed for 27 years and covers 45 different categories.
  • Regional awards have been set up for Europe, Africa, Canada, Central and South America, the Caribbean, the United States, the United Kingdom and Asia Pacific & Arabia.
  • The regional winners will proceed to the international final.

All apartment types

At Josefines gate you can choose between various sizes of apartments:

> Studio

> One bedroom

> Two bedrooms


Here you find a floor plan listing all the apartments and floors of «The Sweet», with size in square meters and room number.


See the transformation

This is how Fablab Design did the restauration.

Take a tour at «The Sweet»

Here you can «walk» through the building, and see all of the apartments at Josefines gate 30:

Josefines gate 30

53 completely renovated apartments in various sizes for short- and long term rentals

Welcome to «The Sweet»